Come fly with me!

Welcome! Ahlan wasahlan! Bienvenido! Bruchim habaim! I invite you, in all my linguistic capacities, to the space in which I hope to share tantalizing travel tidbits. I invite you to indulge in the treasures and curiosities that I will here veritably describe. In invite you to see the world through my eyes, which I intend to keep world-wide-open for as long as I can manage, until they water to the point of flooding or droop with the inevitable, unfortunate force of sleep.

In the upcoming four months I will be studying in Alexandria, Egypt, also known as umm al-dunya, mother of the world. These months will find me dedicating my sorry brain to the mastery of Arabic language through Middlebury’s program at Jaamiyat Aliskandariya (Alexandria University), and gorging myself on all Egyptian culture within my reach. Preceding that upsetting undertaking, I will have dude-ranched in Durango, Colorado and stolled through London and various English sites. (With any luck I’ll be getting hung up all day on smiles and walking down Portobello Road for miles.) During and after my Alexandrian adventure I also plan to do some poking around the Middle East, at the leisure of my calendar and wallet.

If you are tired already, please consult your doctor before continuing to read; I don’t want any liabilities here, and this journey is not for the faint of heart. Along the way I fully expect to encounter quirky characters, stupefying obstacles, dastardly villains, heart-stopping hunks, death defying dangers, and of course, morals to tie up the tale. Barring that, however, I can at least hope to find a  thrill or a spill now and then, and perhaps even a tasty meal or a brag-worthy bargain.

An Arabic proverb claims that, في الحركة, بركة In movement there is blessing. All I can say is that I certainly hope so, for this blog will do nothing if not move.

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One Response to Come fly with me!

  1. Ruth says:

    So excited for you! I’ll miss you as a neighbor, but I can’t wait to hear about everything! Also, I need advice about applying to study abroad. Expect a desperate email sometime this year. BEST OF LUCK

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